Venison calf

This is a wonderfully playful dish. Its composition evokes a singularity, while every bite conceals surprising delights. The dish includes curds with purslane, bringing together a number of classic elements in an unexpected way.

Jerusalem artichoke with broth of brown bread

We do our best not to waste anything at Villa Ruimzicht, always looking for ways to use any scraps and leftovers. This dish is a good example: as a hotel, we often have bread left over. Rather than throwing it out, we use it to make broth. This dish highlights the contrast between the soft spiciness of the bittercress and the other nutty, earthy tones.

Smoked goose
with birch leaf tea

This is a rich dish that evokes an autumnal sentiment in me. We not only use wild goose as a natural product, but also birch leaves. This birch leaf tea also offers health benefits: it’s a natural diuretic and has analgesic properties, while also detoxifying.