Whatever your Volvo needs, your Volvo dealer will always be able to help. This is because Volvo’s activities are all aimed at finding new ways of making things easier for you. This applies not only to our Volvo cars but also to our service activities, which we call ‘Service by Volvo’. This unique approach to service is personal, professional and efficient.

How can we ensure that your Volvo is maintained perfectly, with a minimum of inconvenience to you? We make every effort to ensure that all of your needs are met at one and the same location – your official Volvo dealer. This is regardless of whether the work involves maintenance, repairs, damage repair, tire or windscreen replacement, air conditioning service or cleaning etc. In this way, you can be assured that your Volvo will receive the best treatment from Volvo experts, who always use original Volvo parts. This is the best way to be sure of problem-free motoring, year after year.


While the official Volvo dealer is giving your Volvo its annual service, we upload the latest software to your car to ensure that your Volvo is fully up-to-date after every service. We extend Volvo Assistance by a further 12 months, so you can get assistance quickly and 24/7 in the event of a breakdown. Naturally, the condition of the battery is also tested, given its vital role in supporting all the electronic devices in your Volvo. You will be assigned a personal technician, now or in the near future. This person will arrange for you to have the use of a replacement vehicle, if required, while your Volvo is in the workshop. Finally, if you so wish, we will wash your car. In short, our goal is a Volvo workshop that makes your life easier and as worry-free as possible. And that is what we call ‘Service by Volvo’.


Volvo is taking the lead by radically changing the way things have traditionally been done in workshops. A number of branches are already working in line with our new methods. And they are making a real success of it! What exactly do these methods involve?

Our workshop technicians will be working in teams, so the operation is similar to a Formula 1 pit stop in that respect. This way, they can work more efficiently, while ensuring that we do everything right first time. You will be assigned a ‘personal technician’. This is the mechanic who services your Volvo. So the personal technician will also be your direct point of contact. This way, if you have any questions about the work being carried out, you can immediately ask your personal technician.

The workshops are also being redesigned, so that we can operate in line with these new methods. The changes include a brighter, more modern layout. Of course, your needs are also being taken into account. This involves installing Wi-Fi in our showrooms, together with comfortable lounges where you can wait or work, while watching through a glass partition as your car is serviced.

Wherever this new system is introduced, the results speak for themselves. If the work is carried out more quickly, customers usually prefer to wait – while enjoying a cup of coffee, using their laptop or reading a magazine – instead of driving away and having to return later. They are very happy to have access to a personal technician, as this improves communication, thus reducing the risk of potential misunderstandings. Wherever these changes have been implemented, the customers cannot praise their workshop enough. The mechanics, too, are also very satisfied.

It will be several years before ‘all’ Volvo dealers are operating in line with the new concept. But the customer-oriented approach is already in place. Anticipating the customer’s needs and responding to them, that’s what Volvo is all about. This applies not only to our Volvo cars but also to our service activities. That’s why you can count on efficient, personal service with a strong focus on you and your Volvo, right now and most certainly in the future. In short: ‘Service by Volvo’.